Client: Pitkin County
Location: Aspen, Colorado
Project Status: 30% CD set

Connect One Design teamed with a civil engineer and strategic communications consultant to develop, present, and assess preferred multi-use trail alignments along a ¾ mile stretch of Castle Creek Rd that connects the existing Marolt Trail to the Aspen Music School. Specific issues, constraints, and contentions included trail access, road crossings, safety, recreation, roadside vegetation, property ownership, erosive slopes and retainage. A public process overseen by the joint Pitkin County Open Space and Trails Board of Trustees and City of Aspen Open Space and Trails advisory board convened community stakeholders in a public outreach process. The goal was to increase public understanding, increase participation, and build consensus for the Castle Creek Trail through open houses, community surveys, and public meetings. Desired outcomes were incorporated into three alignment options depicted in rendered sections, aerial snapshots of 3D models, and a fly-through animation presented alongside an extensive cost-benefit analysis and feasibility report. The ultimate design was developed to 30% CDs for the City and County’s budgeting.


• Trail alignment
• Conceptual design
• Graphic visualization