Client: Town of Snowmass Village
Location: Snowmass Village, Colorado
Project Status: Completed

In early 2019, the Snowmass Village Town Council revisited their policy objectives and reaffirmed their responsibility to be a nimble steward of existing community character, which included supporting a viable workforce through workforce housing. Connect One Design was engaged to develop a Master Housing Plan that would accomplish the following goals: meet the immediate and future capacity needs with 185 units, identify potential and suitable sites for future housing development, develop both aspirational and realistic development opportunities, create highly desirable and equitable housing, and create more diversity in the housing stock. To cast the widest net in search for all potential site opportunities, all undeveloped town-owned parcels were put on the table. This was culled to 21 sites which were evaluated via a rigorous suitability assessment. Connect One Design ultimately moved forward with massing and pro-forma studies on 5 highly developable sites. In total these 5 developable sites were determined to potentially accommodate 291 units total and the Town designated the first of the sites to move forward with development in 2021.