Client: Private
Location: Pitkin County
Project Status: Under Construction

For this 40-acre property, Connect One Design applied a trifecta principal: design every element to fulfill economic, social, and spiritual needs. The property in the prestigious Star Mesa subdivision was designed to be completely off the grid and contribute zero landfill waste. Features include ecologically revitalized ponds fed by a constructed wetlands, a heated swimming pool using the harnessed heat of the terraces and solar thermal technologies, vegetated roofs, and a meadow converted from hay to wildflowers. Additionally, as part of the property master planning which was developed using permaculture principals, Connect One Design proposed a number of destination points connected by two miles of hiking trails. These destination points include a restored fishing pond and boardwalk, an overlook with geological signage, a tea house, a shelter, a teepee, and a large fire bowl with stone seating.

Design Elements

• Constructed Wetlands
• Ponds
• Swimming Pool
• Vegetated Roofs
• Wildflower Meadow
• Fishing Decks
• Boardwalks
• Vehicle Bridge


• Concept through Construction Administration

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