Rest assured the latest member of the Connect One clan lacks nothing in the creativity department. Dan is bursting at the seams with it, as evidenced by attending art school for interior design and fine art (before LA school!), playing the sax, and his wizardry in VR, rendering, videography, etc. Hailing from Columbus, IN certainly helped instill the love of great design as Dan grew up steeped in the architectural iconography of this quaint little midwestern town. This continued as he pursued a degree in landscape architecture from Ball State, a renowned design school consistently ranked in the top 10 undergraduate and graduate schools for landscape architecture.

Dan approaches his career as a young professional should, with an open mind, eagerness to learn, and tremendous passion. His broad interest in sustainable landscapes, commercial design, community gardens and parks, urban design, and permaculture is a wonderful new addition to the team. As any fitting member of the C1D team would, he knows how to enjoy his spare time – so when not busting his butt in the office, you will find him kayaking, hiking, plant collecting, traveling, or enjoying a good stout while gaming on his own personally built gaming computer! Thanks for joining the team Dan and we look forward to years of designing and building great places.

“Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise.”
– George Gershwin